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Who We Are

With over ten years experience in specific chiropractic care, Dr. Stone has helped many people in their journey to finding lasting health. Dr. Carrie Stone holds certifications in specific upper neck adjustments and pediatric and pregnancy adjusting. By taking precise x-rays she gets to the root cause of the problem. Precise adjustments remove pressure off of delicate nerves and allow healing and return of function, facilitating improvement for even the most difficult cases and injuries. She is passionate about helping others due to chiropractic improving her long-standing sinus issues. 
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What We Do

Blair Technique

The Blair Technique takes pressure off the delicate nerves in the upper neck, which loosens the spine and can relieve health issues in all areas of the body. A specific adjustment in this area is crucial for long term healing and health. 

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Pregnancy Care

Chiropractic care can help the body adapt to changes that occur during pregnancy. Gentle adjustments of the spine and pelvis give relief to the mother and more room for the baby to grow and the birthing process is made easier by a pelvis and sacrum that move well. 

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Pediatric Care

Dr. Stone has a passion for helping babies and children with their spinal alignment, which allows their bodies to be as healthy as possible. Adjusting children is safe, gentle and extremely effective and they typically respond to care very quickly. 

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Wellness Care

Chiropractic care maintains the movement of the spine, stops the arthritic process and keeps the discs healthy. Extensive research has shown health improvements that include improved immune function, digestive function, and respiratory function. 

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Success Stories

"I was very skeptical but was desperate for help and sought care at Dr. Stone's office at the recommendation of my physical therapist. I had excruciating jaw pain and had sought the help of several specialists. After my first adjusment the swelling in my face went down almost immediately and my pain started to improve. Dr. Stone has also helped my husband with his lower back issues and I have my children checked to keep them healthy. Thank you Dr. Stone for your great care!"
- Kim B

"I was referred to Dr. Stone by my chiropractor. My MRI showed a bulging disc in my lower back and I thought my only option was surgury. I had been given an epidural but when it wore off I could hardly walk. I was using a cane when I walked into Dr. Stone's office and she took the time to explain how the upper neck affects the lower back and pelvis. After my adjustment, my pelvis leveled out and it took so much of the lower back pain away. I know that I am healthier and can live my life thanks to the Blair technique and Dr. Stone."
- Alan B.
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The Blair Technique

Our patients appreciate the specific care of the Blair Technique because it takes pressure of the delicate nerves in the upper neck. Over 30 percent of the spinal nerves exit off the upper neck area and control many different functions of the body. The postural muscles of the spine are controlled in the upper neck so patient with scoliosis, forward head posture and other posture related issues respond well to upper cervical care. A specific adjustment in this area is crucial for long term healing and health. Many conditions that patients do not realize are connected to their upper neck respond to aligning the upper neck.

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